Can I buy from you wherever I am in the world?

We can ship to almost anywhere in the world with no issue. However, at the moment we don't ship within Japan.

We also don't have any physical store in Japan or elsewhere, we sell 100% through our website

What may stop you being able to order is that there are some countries where PayPal can not be used. As all our payments (including credit cards) are hosted by PayPal on our website, this means unfortunately that people in certain countries can't order from Banzai.

At the moment this is the case for Turkey, Iran and Myanmar, there may be other places where this is the case so if you're unsure, don't hesitate to email us to ask.

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    nicolas garcia jr

    dear Sir/Madam,

    good day

    just asking if do you ship order for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and if there any shipping do and don't in ordering for shipping in Saudi Arabia, thank you very much

    best regards

    nicolas garcia


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