How does the auction category work?

We list more limited edition products as auction items, this means you bid for the product against other people and the person with the highest bid at the close of auction wins the item.

You'll get an email if you have been outbid when another buyer has placed a higher bid than yours, and you are no longer the current highest bidder. When the auction ends, you'll receive another email indicating whether you've won the product or not, with an explanation of what you can do next.

When you win an auction, the product is automatically added to your shopping cart, you can add other items from the general categories of the website before checking out. Please complete the transaction with 7 days of winning the auction.

Please note, this a traditional auction system where the full amount of the bid you submit will be reflected immediately as the current highest bid. Each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. If you are the winning bidder on an item, you are obligated to purchase that item.

If you make a mistake in the amount you bid and someone else does not outbid you, please notify us immediately to cancel your bid.




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