BanzaiHobby Affiliate Program

Earn some $$$$ to spend on BanzaiHobby!


~Advertise on your Blog, SNS or Forums and receive 2-5% Commission!~


In order to sign up with BanzaiHobby Affiliate Program, you need to have an account with us. If you don't, please create an account with us first.


Once you signed in, please go to My Account > Referral Program > Sign me up today!


At the sign up page, please let us know where you would like to advertise us. If you are running multiple website or would like to advertise us multiple website, just let us know one of the site.


You do not have to have own web page. If you are an active on social media such as Facebook, Youtube or if you participate in forums etc., just submit which forum / social media you would like to advertise us.


acceptable >

not acceptable > (Not specific enough)


How does it work?

Once we confirm, please go to My Account > Affiliate Marketing Tools to generate your own unique affiliate URL Link to advertise us. (So we can keep your referral sales record).


Please make sure to use above link so we can keep your sales record.


That's it and you will receive sales commission every time you generate the sales!


How do you get paid?

You will receive agreed amount / percentage of sales as a store credit.


We will calculate the amount every 20th of the month and aim to pay as a store credit within same month.


Please note, only order status which has been changed to "dispatched" is eligible for the payment. If the orders have been canceled or waiting to be processed (processing), these order will not be counted and will be carried forward to next month.


You can view your sales record through My Account.

Terms & Condition

* We will give out agreed percentage of sales which you refereed to us through our affiliate program. This is paid via store credit and cannot redeem by Cash or any other form of payment.


* We will NOT give out any credit / affiliate sales for your own purchase.


* If we suspect transactions are unfair, we have rights to terminate the transactions and you cannot redeem for the credit / affiliate sales. However, we will contact you first if we think transaction is unreasonable or in doubt.


* Please do NOT use SPAM using our affiliate program. If we think you are Spamming, or received any complaints from 3rd party website etc we will terminate your affiliate account.


* has rights to terminate affiliates any time and decision is final.


* Payment terms are shown on this page "how you get paid?".


* By signing up our affiliate program, we understand that you will agreed to our Terms and Conditions.





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